Mini MBA in Shipping

The Mini MBA in Shipping is an educational program uniquely designed to meet the needs of real Maritime Industry professionals in the Eastern Mediterranean & South Eastern European market. It also benefits from its academic staff whose long experience in the market and their academic expertise, its a combination of high level academic and practical development.

The Mini MBA in Shipping is ready to provide the specialized knowledge that those who wish to dynamically enter the market will need. Master Mariners and Chief Engineers of the Merchant Marine, Graduates of Merchant Marine Academies, Economic, Political and Social Studies graduates, engineers, shipbuilders are among the professionals that will benefit the most.


The Mini MBA in Shipping is one of the most dynamic and perhaps unique in Greek Shipping and Maritime Education.Upon completion, students will gain a well-grounded knowledge of the issues and the problems that the Global Maritime Market -with regard to the actual requirements of the Companies and International organizations- face daily and will ,also, have all the necessary skills to provide solutions.

The program is a powerful tool and a toolkit in the hands of the graduate -as a tangible result- and prepares him to ensure his success on any position in the Maritime Industry. After completing the Mini MBA, the graduate will be a valuable asset for every company and organization.

  • Human Resource Management &Maritime Diversity Management in Shipping
  • Leadership & Strategy in Shipping
  • International Shipping Relations
  • Maritime and Port Operations& Management
  • Transportation Management and Logistics
  • Marine Insurance &Shipbroking

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About the Academic Coordinators

Pachoundakis Isidoros

Isidoros Pachoundakis is an Academic Coordinator and Lecturer in “Shipping Programmes” of E-Learning of Economics Department at the University of Piraeus. He is also Academic Coordinator and Lecturer of “Maritime Studies” at the Vocational Institute of University of Patras, Academic Coordinator and Lecturer at E-Learning Programs department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in “Maritime Diversity Management”, Academic Coordinator and Lecturer of “Maritime Studies” at the Executive Diplomas Department of University of Macedonia and Academic Director at the Phoenix Maritime Academy of Phoenix Register of Shipping.

He was also an Academic Coordinator in “Maritime Economics” at Economics Department of University of Ioannina and in the Executive program “Human Resource Management in Shipping” at University of Macedonia. He was for ten years Professor at the Hellenic Postgraduate Merchant Marine Academy. He has been lecturer at the University of Aegean, at the University of West-Macedonia, at the University of Ioannina, at the Police Academy, at the Faculty of Permanent NCO (Non Commissioned Officers) and at the historical Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra/Faculty of Nautical Science.

Today, Isidoros Pachoundakis teaches at the University of Piraeus, at the University of Patras, at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, at the University of Thessaly and at the University of Macedonia. He is also the Director and Founder of the Institute of International Nautical Studies and member of the Council of Blue Career Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean at the European Commission.

His field is the Management of the Multicultural and Religious Diversity in Shipping and the Diversity Management at Workplace, which affects the field of Human Resources Management.

Manolakos Panagiotis

Panagiotis Manolakos is an Academic Coordinator and Lecturer in “Maritime Labour Convention-MLC” E-Learning programs at the Economics Department – University of Piraeus. He worked (2003-2010) as a research associate of ethnographic studies center on issues of society and economy of the Balkans and Middle Eastern countries ,as an associate professor in the Fire Academy (2004-2006), professor at the Police Academy (2004-2006), an employee in the private sector (2005-2006), a member of the Board of Directors of the company BF Action (2004-2009), as chairman and CEO of the company THES.PA. SA (2006). He served his military service (2007) as a member of the Group of Psychosocial Care of the Greek Army. He has also been a special adviser to the Minister of Mercantile Marine, Aegean and Island Policy (2007-2008) and deputy president of the Provident Fund of the Merchant Navy Officers (2008-2011) .He is primarily focused in the fields of labor relations in the shipping industry, sociology of work and economic sociology. He has also participated in a series of conferences and workshops and has published several articles in scientific journals.

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