PhD in Law

Το πρόγραμμα είναι στα αγγλικά ή τα Ιταλικά

Απαιτείται η ύπαρξη Μεταπτυχιακού ή ισότιμου τίτλου σπουδών

  • Private Law

  • Economic Law, Financial and Food Markets Law, Navigation Law

  • Constitutional Law

  • Administrative Law

  • Criminal Procedural Law

  • Comparative Law

The PhD program aims at studying legal systems from an interdisciplinary perspective, which is based on a historical comparative approach (political organizations dynamics). Its diachronic methodology establishes a convergence between law and political sciences. On this basis the PhD program analyses general State theories and legal systems formation and transformation processes. Particular attention is given to the constitutive elements of the State, to the form of government question, to the relationship between authorities and liberties, to public power structure, to economic and administrative profiles, as well as to the latest developments both on national and international levels (sovereignty, representation, political and economic integration, globalization, security, citizenship). This investigation plan, based on fundamental concepts concerning legal and political systems, will be extended to complementary interdisciplinary areas (historical, cultural, and social), linked to the actual configuration of the State. It will be aimed at a theoretical analysis, which will enable the students to acquire systemic knowledge of research methodologies and scientific abilities needed for a critical understanding of political and legal phenomena.

Once the PhD program is completed, the researcher will be in possess of interdisciplinary skills and adequate methodological tools needed to analyse the actual transformation of the State and of the public power, as well as the consequent organizational and relational structure of the administrative and fiscal institutions both on national and international levels. Being specialized in legal and political analysis of public administrations and companies working for political changes, the researcher will act as a professional able to decrypt and to assess institutional processes in various sectors and operative environments. Hence, she will be able to act as high-level counsellor for public administration at State, regional, municipal level, or to perform an academic carrier. In particular, the PhD program not only opens opportunities in University environments, but also enables to find employment in research entities, as well as in public and private associations. Other employment opportunities can be found in international organizations, EU institutions, private companies operating in EU, PR or diplomatic spheres, high-level service companies, consulting activities and sociological research.

Αναγνώριση Διδακτορικού Τίτλου Marconi University


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