Certificate in adult learning, education and training (CALET)

The CALET is a tutored online course suitable for:

  • practicing and prospective adult/ further education teachers and trainers

  • practicing or prospective youth-workers,

  • volunteers and trainers of volunteers at non-governmental and non-profit organizations,

who want to become efficient professionals, or just update and certify their knowledge and skills.

The CALET consists of eight units containing all the relevant tools, knowledge, skills competent reflective practitioners need.

The time needed to complete this course has been calculated at 100 hours, including the time needed to study the material, research and reflect on course tasks, and complete the assignments.

The course has been designed to give you maximum flexibility: it consists mainly of reading material, there is no maximum time limit within which to complete it, and there are no synchronous activities. However, this course cannot be completed in less than a month.

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