Bachelor’s Degree In Political Science And International Relations

The Bachelor’s of Political Science and International Relations provides methodical and professional competence in the disciplines of economics, law, history and society. Particular attention is dedicated to comparative and international issues, as well as acquiring a solid grasp of empirical, political scientific, sociological, statistical and economic research methods

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor’s Degree of Political Science and International Relations, applicants must possess a valid high school diploma. The Bachelor’s Degree is a 3-year program taught both in Italian or English and offered in an online modality, combining the following different multimedia learning tools:

  • Audio-video lessons (accessible through the web platform in an asynchronous way)
  • Text materials (accessible through the web platform);
  • Self-Assessments: true/false questions, multiple choice, hot-spot image, chart test, role playing, simulations (accessible through the web platform);

Written assignments requiring the accomplishment of specific tasks in which students show their Mastery of methodologies, tools and critical autonomy.

The final exam of the degree program, intended to assess the technical-scientific and professional preparation of the student, consists of the completion and discussion of a written dissertation.

The 3-year program, amounting to 180 credits of academic achievement, is organized as follows:

1st YEAR
1.ASPS02002SPS/02Political Doctrine History129
2.BSPS03001SPS/03History of Political Institutions64.50
3.AIUS09003IUS/09Fundamentals of Public Law64.50
4.CSCS04001SECS-P/04History of Economic Thought64.50
5.ASPS04002SPS/04Political Science129
6.CSCS01001SECS-P/01Political Economics129
FComputer Skills64.50
All first-year exams are pre-requisites for second-year exams
2nd YEAR
7.BSPS01001SPS/01Political Philosophy129
8.ASPS04001SPS/04Administration Science64.50
M-STO/04Contemporary History129
SECS-P/02Economic Policy129
11.CGGR02002M-GGR/02Economic Geopolitics64.50
FEnglish Language Lab64.50
All second-year exams are pre-requisites for third-year exams
3rd YEAR
13.ALIN12002L-LIN/12Language and Translation: English Language129
14.CSPS06001SPS/06History of International Relations64.50
15.BSPS11001SPS/11Sociology of International Relations129
16.BIUS13002IUS/13International Law64.50
17.BIUS13004IUS/13International Cooperation Policies64.50
18.BIUS10009IUS/10Administrative Law64.50


* Electives(among those not yet taken)CFU/ECTSUS QC
Labor Law
Sociology of Work
Sociology of Professions
Environmental and Territorial Economics
Statistics and Demography
General Sociology
History of Economic Thought
Constitutional Law
European Union Law
Language and Translation: French
Language and Translation: Spanish
Language and Translation: English II
Language and Translation: German
6+64.50 + 4.50


A = Basic
B = Core
C = Related
D = Elective (art. 10, comma 5, lettera a)
E = Dissertation and linguistic competence (art. 10, comma 5,
lettera c)
F = Extra training activities (art. 10, comma 5, lettera d)
S = Internship
CODE = Discipline Code
US QC = United States Quarter CreditsApproved = Professional experience / continuing educational courses / others
Validated = Academic courses
At the conclusion of the Bachelor’s of Political Science and International Relations graduates will have obtained a solid understanding of contemporary political-institutional history, with reference to European and non-European issues.  They will be soundly familiar with the evolution of modern and contemporary political thought, sociology and political science.  They will know the fundamental elements of the process of European integration, from the historic, economic and legal point of view, as well as possess knowledge about the political-institutional comparative perspective.  They will fully understand the fundamental notions concerning the theories of market and enterprise, and of macroeconomics and international economics, such as to provide an initial orientation through examination of the most common economic problems. Furthermore, the Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations is an advantageous title for those seeking diplomatic careers.  To this end, the foreign languages addressed in the course offer additional cultural instruments of particular usefulness.

The scholarship program is administered by CE.A.R.S and offers partial scholarships to a wide variety of students.

Recipients are: non-traditional students; seminarians, undergraduate and post-graduate students who are looking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

If you are unable to pay the full tuition fees there might be a chance that you can be granted a partial scholarship that will cover some of the tuition fees for your preferred study programme.

Greek Students: Click here for scholarship information

Students from other countries: Please contact us for details

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