Executive MBA

The Executive MBA focuses on the essentials of business management. The Master’s program, offered in both Italian and English, is articulated in a series of modules that aim to develop specialized skills in the fields of economics, finance, general management, marketing, corporate law, new technologies, innovation and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The Executive MBA offers a structured and in-depth training of the main business activities. After the initial phase, which is focused on the basic issues a company must deal with, attention shifts to the principles and specific techniques of different business functions: management, control, organization, finance, production and logistics, strategy, marketing, financial and commercial law, and information systems. The Executive MBA courses provide students with a theoretical and practical education through case studies, exercises and simulations that address specific problems from the business world.

The Master’s program is made up of the following modules:

Introductory Module

  • Fundamentals of General Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Political Economics
  • Fundamentals of Business Economics and Accounting
  • Business English

Module I – Economics and Finance

  • Economic Environments
  • Business Economics and Accounting
  • Market Economy and Financial Intermediaries
  • Business Finance
  • Corporate Investment Banking
  • Risk Management

Module II – General Management

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Organization and Human Resource Management
  • Business Communication

Module III – Marketing

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Management

Module IV – Business Law

  • Business and Tax Law
  • International Tax Law

Module V – Innovation, Environment and ITC

  • Environmental and Territorial Economics
  • Environmental Technologies and Quality Systems
  • Management of Innovation

The Executive MBA program is structured to offer expert training and to prepare students to excel in public/private organizations worldwide, through an innovative approach combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences.

Executive MBA graduates will have found an optimal placement in the following careers:

  • General accounting clerk;
  • General and industrial accounting director;
  • Wage and contributions director;
  • Budget director;
  • Head of treasury;
  • Controller for management audit;
  • Business financial analyst;
  • Tax expert;
  • Corporate consultant;
  • Internal auditor;
  • Budget review director;
  • Risk manager;
  • Credit manager;
  • Business advisor.

In order to be admitted into a Master’s Degree program, applicants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree, which is the minimum requirement for the program. Master’s Degree programs are offered in both Italian and English in a blended modality. The Master’s program duration is 1,500 hours including study, assessment activities and project work (lessons, seminars, workshops, assessments, evaluation, etc.)

The final exam of the Master’s program, intended to assess the technical, scientific and professional preparation of the student , consists of the completion of a project work and discussion of a written dissertation.

Duration: 12 months
Credits: 60 ECTS (European Credits Transfer and Accumulation System)

The scholarship program is administered by CE.A.R.S and offers partial scholarships to a wide variety of students.

Recipients are: non-traditional students; seminarians, undergraduate and post-graduate students who are looking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

If you are unable to pay the full tuition fees there might be a chance that you can be granted a partial scholarship that will cover some of the tuition fees for your preferred study programme.

Greek Students: Click here for scholarship information

Students from other countries: Please contact us for details

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