Introduction to Managerial Accounting

The course introduces the student to the business concepts and methods used to report managerial performance information to internal users and managers to assist in making sound business decisions in managing the firm. This course will help the student to understand the fundamental concepts of managerial accounting.

  • Compare job order with process costing;
  • Design and use an activity based costing system;
  • Evaluate and prepare managerial accounting statements;
  • Compute necessary managerial accounting information;
  • Classify and analyze the various types of costs in a manufacturing company;
  • Calculate and allocate overhead costs to product manufacturing.

  1. Managerial Accounting & Cost Concepts
  2. System Design
  3. Cost Behavior
  4. Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships
  5. Profit Planning
  6. Flexible Budgets and Performance Analysis
  7. Standard Costs
  8. Segment Reporting and Decentralization
  9. Relevant Costs for Decision Making
  10. Capital Budgeting Decisions
  11. Statements

  1. Knowledge of English language

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