Master in Fashion Management and Design

The Master in Fashion Management & Design provides specialized lessons and laboratory activities. The first introductory part provides students with the basis of the fashion product, inspiration and design, starting from the history of costume and fashion. The second part, using the theoretical knowledge acquired from the previous lessons as a foundation, moves towards a more practical approach, providing students with insight into the Italian haute couture tradition.

  • Design theory and Practice
  • Project tools and methods
  • Fashion design and project
  • History of art, fashion and costume
  • Organization and management
  • Promotion and distribution

The Virtual Laboratories provide a practical and operational experience through multimedia and interactive environments. In addition, they reinforce the acquired competences making references and deepening the fundamental elements of the design and production process.

  • Visual elements of the project
  • Meta-project
  • Curves and surfaces: geometrical and differential analysis
  • Digital representation
  • Materials for design – technologies and structures
  • Fashion, mass media and fashion show

Like all degree Programs at Marconi University, the Master in Fashion Management & Design is based on a concept called “Outcomes Based Learning”. This breaks up the educational experience into the categories of knowledge and ability, identifying the things a student should know and be able to do upon completion. The Master program is structured to train professionals to meet the needs of internationally renowned fashion designers, through an innovative approach combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. Virtual laboratories, case studies, lectures and testimonies given by experts in the field ensure a highly practical and operational approach which emphasizes the Italian creativity and management system that made the fashion sector an excellence in the world. The Master was developed for those looking for professional training and refreshment in the field of fashion conception and design, in the realization of the fashion product, in the management and valorization of a fashion factory through appropriate communication and promotion strategies. More specifically, the expert in Fashion Management & Design will be able to follow the whole process of the fashion industry, from the products planning and design to the marketing, promotion and communication activities (e.g. fashion shows, showrooms, magazines, etc…). He/she can manage the entire fashion product lifecycle until its distribution and introduction to the target market.

The scholarship program is administered by CE.A.R.S and offers partial scholarships to a wide variety of students.

Recipients are: non-traditional students; seminarians, undergraduate and post-graduate students who are looking to become tomorrow’s leaders.

If you are unable to pay the full tuition fees there might be a chance that you can be granted a partial scholarship that will cover some of the tuition fees for your preferred study programme.

Greek Students: Click here for scholarship information

Students from other countries: Please contact us for details

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