PhD in Physical Science & Engineering of Industry & Energy Innovation

The program can me taught in English or in Italian

A Master degree or equivalent is required.

  • Experimental Physics of Fundamental Interactions
  • Energy and Environmental Machines and Systems
  • Measures
  • Industrial Design, Mechanic Constructions and Metallurgy
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Processing Systems
  • Geotechnics
  • Construction technology
  • Urban and Territorial Planning and Design
  • Applied Biology

The PhD program is aimed to prepare experts able to propose innovative ideas for industry and society, to contribute to the development of new knowledge, to manage original investigation and research projects and to realize in an autonomous way strategically important programs.

In order to reach these goals, the Course promotes and buttresses a strong integration between fundamental and applied research with a high degree of interdisciplinarity in the field of methodology and research. Such a multidisciplinarity is supposed to be the instrument for the integration between the energy and information engineering capacities and the physical ones, so as to promote a path able to form competent persons both in research tools and methods and in what concerns the transfer of such high capacities in the field of business innovation.

In particular, the PhD program is aimed to be an instrument for the advanced multidisciplinary training of experts able to take an active part in Industry 4.0 scenarios and to manage in all respects technologically advanced production, including big data management and taking into account the fundamental science, which is the engine for innovation. Moreover, the knowledge of methods for management and analysis of processes, energetic and material among others, will foster the implementation of advanced processing systems that the labour market is requiring today.

The goal of the PhD program is to train experts who will have the abilities necessary to guide the development of process and product innovation in various industrial spheres in order to enhance business competitiveness. In this respect, the future PhD will be able to hold the position of Innovation Manager with specific technical competences and operative innovation management capacities both in small or medium firms and in big companies’ R&D, Design and Production departments.

Having followed a multidisciplinary training and combining the knowledge of both applied and fundamental science, the future PhD will be able to acquire the most advanced data processing and analysing methods, which will broaden his/her job opportunities in different sectors.

The future PhD will have job opportunities in Universities, public or private Research Centres, mechanical engineering and information industry, energy producing and converting companies and corporations, plant design enterprises, automation and robotics industries, manufacturing companies in general.

Moreover, if the results achieved during the PhD studies lead to the development of original products/processes, interesting for the market, the future PhD will be able to take part in the creation of new companies and academic spin-offs.

Main Universities and Research Centres with which the college collaborates in the field of research

n.NameCountryType of collaboration
1IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDONUKDevelopment of common training activities and research initiatives in collaboration
2OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLUMBUSUSADevelopment of common training activities and research initiatives in collaboration
3FERMILABUSADevelopment of common training activities and research initiatives in collaboration
4CERNSwitzerlandDevelopment of common training activities and research initiatives in collaboration
5MIT – MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYUSADevelopment of common training activities and research initiatives in collaboration

The PhD program is accredited in European Union.

Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

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